Luma Nation Foundation

Luma Nation Foundation is a nonprofit housing organization dedicated to assisting criminal offenders maintain drug free and crime free lives. Focused on the concept of rehabilitation over incarceration, our program seeks to provide a solid foundation for offenders to build their lives upon, while complying with their court ordered requirements, thus reducing the costs for prison facilities, and reducing recidivism rates . Our foundation provides community supervision to offenders whom have been granted rehabilitation in lieu of imprisonment, have been sentenced to house arrest, or those assigned to the Division of Parole and Probation. Additionally, we work with those in alternative sentencing programs. We measure our success by the ability of our residents to comply with the terms of their sentencing, remain free from future criminal activity, and maintain success in their own lives. Between 2012-2016 we served over 200 offenders in the Las Vegas Valley and maintained one of the highest success rates in the nation. We credit this success partially to our admittance policy, in which we only accept select offenders we feel have the skills and personality traits that increase probability of success. We are now reopening and intend to continue this success.

Luma House

Our facility is designed to meet the high level of standards and strict expectations of both State and Federal Courts, in addition to Drug Court. Our properties is professionally managed and offers our residents high quality, specialized services, geared around ensuring they remain compliant with all of their legal obligations and requirements. Our facility will employ staff whocoordinate and manage a continuum of community based programs and employ a variety of supervision services to improve public safety and resident success.


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